Illegal ‘Nagorik TV’ men arrested in Bangladesh

Illegal ‘Nagorik TV’ men arrested in Bangladesh
Illegal ‘Nagorik TV’ men arrested in Bangladesh

Two of the prime cohorts of the illegal YouTube channel ‘Nagorik TV’, which has been running vile propaganda against India and Hindus as well as Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, family members of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Bangladesh’s intelligence agencies, Bangladesh Armed Forces and several civil-military officers were arrested from Dhaka’s Uttara area on January 19, 2023 evening by Uttara West Police Station.

According to information, Sajal Mahmud Ony and Shamol Mahmood Anjan, two prime cohorts of Nagorik TV were arrested on allegations of attempting to murder a Canadian citizen and molesting his wife. The case was lodged under 448, 323, 326, 354, 307, 506 and 34 of the Bangladesh Penal Code of 1860. Sub-inspector Mohammad Rayhanuzzaman of the Uttara West Police Station under Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) is the investigation officer of the case.

Meanwhile, on January 19, 2023, before Sajal Mahmud Ony and Shamol Mahmood Anjan were supposed to be produced before Dhaka court, Nazmus Saquib, a friend of Sajal Mahmud Ony phone Dhaka’s Chief Metropolitan Magistrate requesting him to release Ony and his brother Anjan on bail. As the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate informed Nazmus Saquib that two of the sections in the case were “non-bailable” Saquib told CMM that he will remain grateful for granting bail. Subsequently, the CMM phoned a magistrate instructing him to release Sajal Mahmud Ony and Shamol Mahmood Anjan on bail. But the magistrate could not comply with CMM’s instruction as the court time was over. It is anticipated that these ‘Nagorik TV’ cohorts will be released on bail on January 22, 2023 (Sunday).

At the directives of Tarique Rahman, Acting Vice Chairman of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), ‘Nagorik TV’ racket has been running vile propaganda against Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, members of Bangabandhu’s family, civil-military officials, members of the civil society, and esteemed individuals in Bangladesh. This notorious cyberterrorist racket maintains several contacts in Bangladesh for spreading its anti-Bangladesh propaganda and to handle extorted amounts. Recently media reports have already exposed Sajal Mahmoud Ony and Shamol Mahmood Anjan as two main cohorts of ‘Nagorik TV’. These two youths have also been helping ‘Nagorik TV’ and an anti-Bangladesh individual named Zulkarnain Saer Khan Sami in spreading their Facebook posts on social media.

First Published on MegaloPreneur Magazine 

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